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The best long throw flashlight for search and recue that I found so far is the NITECORE P30i i-Generation High Output Searchlight. It seems to be among the most recommended but isn't exactly cheap, $200 is what a new one should run you from Amazon.

Haven't purchased it yet, hoping to see what everybody else here is using before I do.
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My go-to is the Fenix PD35 Flashlight (in conjunction with my Princeton Tec headlamp). I've had this flashlight for about four years, and it's been with me on dozens of missions and trainings. Great output (max 1000 lumens) for being so lightweight and durable.

However, there's also a PD32, which is probably a better option nowadays since it's less expensive, a hair smaller, and has more lumens (tops out at 1200).

This is what the PD32 looks like >>>

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